White collar crimes

When I was a teenager, I believed that white collar crimes were mostly part of the movie industry.

As I was growing up, white collar crimes in real life were becoming more and more obvious. Then, I started studying and made a scenario that sound like a fiction story..

One decade later, I started investigating a rumor that in the next years would bring evidence I would never imagine of.. In the same period, Cyprus and Greece gone bankrupt, based on the worst case scenario I wrote during my Bachelor studies.

The journey between assumptions and evidence was an interesting experience that brought me in England, in order to publish the story since London was the only place that could make it happen..

For whoever read Harry Markopolos’ “No one would listen” I could say that the book came to my hands in order to show me that financial crime pays but in the end somebody has to pay for the lives that crashed..

This is my blogspot link where you can locate my past articles regarding white collar crimes:

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